Mike Clapp - About Our COOMike Clapp has to be the most hard working, committed and loyal colleague, team member and leader you could have on your team and/or looking after your business.

He is extremely passionate about team playing (and managing) which is testimony in how he conducts himself.  Thoughts, words and actions are key where he exerts his efforts and one area where he’s always thrived is onwards and upwards. He has an upbeat, positive, charismatic persona on the outside and an introspective, thorough, methodical way of executing tasks.  Mike is a task master, he is organised and always prepared.  He has an extensive network of professional friends and acquaintances who he’s known for years from the various positions and industries where he has worked.

From a very young age Mike worked towards and accomplished positions of leadership.

This began in his army days during the 80’s and 90’s where he completed his national service, along with subsequent camps and finished having reached the rank of Corporal.  In his career with blue chip corporates such as MB Technologies Group, Tarsus Technologies,  Pinnacle Business Solutions & BCL Medical Waste Management, he has consistently held senior management positions to include branch manager, senior account manager, regional manager, regional GM and finally COO with his most recent role.

With leadership comes great responsibility, problem solving, troubleshooting and confrontation, these are areas where Mike thrives, masters and has no fear.

He’s like a proud & stoic shire horse who can pull a heavy cart during the day as well as after hours with the volunteer work that he has participated in since he was a young man.  Mike worked as a police reservist, specialising in riot control for 24 years, he is also a long standing committee member at the Fish Hoek Sailing Club where he enjoyed sailing, paddling & eventually where he assumed the role as Commodore.  Nowadays, Mike has replaced pacifying angry rioters for handing out gifts for the Senior Santa Shoebox Project instead.

Mike’s biggest attribute has to be his incredible insight which is almost a sixth sense (or intuition) when it comes to the fine tuning and managing of an operation, cost containment and logistics.  From his years working for the South African Police as Warrant Officer and Head of the Reservists, he developed this incredible ability to just know if and where something was out of place and to piece the puzzle together to ensure a successful outcome of investigation.   His sixth sense is how he navigates so expertly through most situations where your team and business can only benefit.

Mike’s work and volunteer experience are just as valuable, as are his very rare old fashioned work ethic, morals and values.  He adds value to any organisation, contains costs, streamlines logistics, automates and improves performance wherever he goes.

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