Business-Sitter Service

If you ever need a helping hand (or a shoulder to lean on), when it comes to your business, a Business Sitter or Virtual COO is the solution.

A business sitter is basically a baby sitter or a house sitter but for your business.  Perhaps you need eyes, ears and hands working ‘in’ your business whilst you focus on much needed time working ‘on’ your business.  Or you need a vacation before you suffer from burn out.  Perhaps you need to have an operation but can never find the time because you cannot leave your business unsupervised?

Mike will look after your precious business as though it is his own.  He will be your eyes and your ears whilst you are away, he will deal with every aspect of your business hands on so that you can take a break away from your business and truly switch off (yes it is possible). Perhaps you’re business is going through a very busy period and you just need more hands on deck from a management perspective.

Mike is available to assist with the heavy lifting of managing so that you feel supported, giving you time to focus your energies elsewhere.

Core Services

  • Business sit and manage of entire businesses
  • Business sit and manage specific areas of a business
  • Shadow of supervisors, management or staff
  • Restaurant Management

We ensure that all of your operational needs are taken care of.

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Our dedicated team of operational experts are ready to assist you and your business.

We are committed to offer a complete and specialised range of operation services tailored to your specific needs.