Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Our HSSE Management Specialists’ primary objective is to ensure a safe, healthy and secure workplace environment for all. We can plan implement, control and optimise all your health, safety, security and environmental needs.

The contents of HSSE / HSE management systems include the identification and analysis of workplace hazards, the development of group-wide guidelines and minimum requirements, the training and further education of personnel (e.g. in the areas of accident prevention, reaction to accidents and emergency precautions), regular HSE / HSSE audits at the company locations, the collection of HSSE statistics, fire protection, noise protection, medical precautions, health & safety measures when travelling, environmental protection measures, and much more.

HSE / HSSE standards, systems and campaigns help to continuously optimize all activities with regards to technical, organizational and behavior-based safety.

HSSE accident databases are used to document, investigate and evaluate accidents in order to derive trends, learn from them, and initiate preventive measures in time. An HSE / HSSE company policy serves to communicate basic values and obligations.

Memberships in relevant interest groups and cooperation with institutions that develop and issue standards and regulations also play an important role in the HSE / HSSE management system.

Core Services

  • Health & Safety Management services
  • Permits
  • Liquor license applications
  • Covid -19 Response and compliance setup
  • Medical management
  • Environmental management
  • Asbestos removal and disposal to certified land sites
  • Waste removal for incineration/treatment
  • Legal compliance and Audits
  • Dust Fallout monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Noise pollution management
  • Illumination, indoor air and ventilation Audits
  • Waste management planning
  • Environmental Management planning
  • Environment management provision of the following on a temporary or permanent basis
    • Environmental Officers (EO)
    • Environmental Managers (EM)
    • Environmental Control Officers (ECC)

We also offer fully compliant Events Management (from full production or as venue managers, service provider liaison or consultant liaison)

We ensure that all of your operational needs are taken care of.

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